Jody Hessen, RPh Clinical Consultant

FDA Approvals

FDA Approves Alzheimer’s Drug: Aduhelm

*Co-Authored By: Brian Maas, RPh Clinical Consultant

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Breaking Down Barriers to Cancer Treatment: Problems and Solutions

Introduction Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US1, and one of the most feared. Its effects can be devastating–physically, emotio...

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Hemophilia | Treatments

The High Cost of Hemophilia A Treatments

Managing the costs of a rare and complex disease What is Hemophilia A? Hemophilia A is a rare, chronic, inherited disease that occurs in about 1 of ev...

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Healthcare | Brand vs. Generic

Are Brand-Name Drugs Safer Than Generics?

In 2019, Katherine Eban published a book, “Bottle of Lies”. It tells a convincing story that leaves readers concluding that all generic drugs are bad....

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Brand vs. Generic | HIV

Navigating HIV PrEP and the Affordable Care Act

What is PrEP PrEP is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and is used as a preventative medication of HIV infection. The virus-killing medication is tak...

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Healthcare | Drug Pricing

Updated executive order on drug pricing, signed by President Trump

*Co-Authored By: Thatcher Sloan, Vice President, Practice Leader What You Need to Know

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