Company News | Net Economic Value

Charting the Best Path to Pharmacy Benefit Savings

Confidio’s Net Economic Value model provides a navigation system for selecting your PBM

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COVID-19 | Vaccine

COVID Vaccine Update: Understanding Immunity and Potential for Boosters

As of mid June, at least 173.8 million people have received one or both doses of a coronavirus vaccine in the U.S. This includes more than 143.9 milli...

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FDA Approvals

FDA Approves Alzheimer’s Drug: Aduhelm

*Co-Authored By: Brian Maas, RPh Clinical Consultant

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Company News

Confidio Expands Investment in Innovation and Continues to Grow Team

Investing in top talent to develop sustainable and trusted solutions

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Healthcare | Drug Pricing | Drug Management

Important Changes in Healthcare Promoting Drug Price Transparency

At Confidio, we are continuing to monitor the important changes in regulations regarding price transparency. The Federal Government will issue additio...

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COVID-19 | Vaccine

COVID Vaccine Update

With three COVID-19 vaccines approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), what is the latest regarding additional vaccine approvals? Let us look ...

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Breaking Down Barriers to Cancer Treatment: Problems and Solutions

Introduction Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US1, and one of the most feared. Its effects can be devastating–physically, emotio...

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Drug Management

Is your specialty drug management program only addressing half of your specialty spend?

Questions you should ask to assess the robustness of your medical benefit specialty drug management program

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Hemophilia | Treatments

The High Cost of Hemophilia A Treatments

Managing the costs of a rare and complex disease What is Hemophilia A? Hemophilia A is a rare, chronic, inherited disease that occurs in about 1 of ev...

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Healthcare | Brand vs. Generic

Are Brand-Name Drugs Safer Than Generics?

In 2019, Katherine Eban published a book, “Bottle of Lies”. It tells a convincing story that leaves readers concluding that all generic drugs are bad....

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Brand vs. Generic | HIV

Navigating HIV PrEP and the Affordable Care Act

What is PrEP PrEP is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and is used as a preventative medication of HIV infection. The virus-killing medication is tak...

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Healthcare | Pharmacy

Amazon launches “Amazon Pharmacy”, an online pharmacy store

*Co-Authors: Sharon Montgomery, BSPharm, MA, RPh, Principal Advisor Thatcher Sloan, Vice President, Practice Leader Ruth Opdycke, PharmD, MS, Principa...

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